If you have ever wondered what Nathan Fillion would be like playing Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake, well, wonder no more. An Uncharted fan film has been released on YouTube today and it stars Nathan Fillion as the clever treasure hunter. Stephen Lang and Mircea Monroe are playing the roles of Sully and Elena respectively in this fan film.

Fillion had actually been teasing the release over the past couple of weeks. He posted a picture recently which showed a pile of maps and a magnifying glass with today’s date in the caption. It’s now evident that he was hinting at this project of which he is also one of the producers.

This is obviously just a fan film and not the full-length Uncharted film that we have heard about so many times. The most recent reports suggest that it’s going to be a prequel with Tom Holland, who currently plays Spider-Man, taking on the role of Nathan Drake.

Many fans of the franchise have longed to see Nathan Fillion play the role of Nathan Drake and he appears to do it justice in this short fan film. It has been directed by Allan Ungar who himself is a big fan of the series.

This is only going to leave fans hungry for the full-length film but who knows when that’s going to happen and it may not even star Fillion in the lead role.

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