Cargo is a startup based in New York that wants to transform ride-share vehicles into portable vending machines. It has announced an exclusive partnership with Uber in the United States to distribute its mini vending machines to drivers through Uber’s driver hubs. This means that passengers will be able to purchase snacks and even accessories like headphones during the ride.

The snack-filled box will be strapped to the driver’s arm rest and passengers simply have to scan the QR code to see what’s inside. Cargo says that almost 30 percent of the items inside the box are free as they’re paid for by brands for Cargo to distribute. Accessories like headphones and other items will cost a few dollars.

Drivers will get 20 percent of the cost of the item that they sell in addition to $1 per transaction even if the passenger only picks up the free samples. Cargo will send drivers refills once they run out of stock.

The boxes will be tailored to the drivers’ preferences as well. Those who mostly drive during mid-day will be supplied granola bars and breath mints while late-night drivers will have sweet and salty snacks to cater to the late night bar crowd.

Cargo boxes are immediately available for drivers in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Cargo will be shipping the boxes to drivers in other cities across the country as well.

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