According to the rumors for the 2018 iPhones, Apple is said to be doing away with 3D Touch for the 6.1-inch LCD model, presumably to help keep costs down. However it appears that this exclusion could be a hint for the future because according to a report from Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis, it could signify the end of 3D Touch as we know it.

In a research note to investors obtained by MacRumors, apparently 2019’s iPhones will be do away with 3D Touch completely. However the nte says that this plan has yet to be finalized so it could change in the future. However we wouldn’t be surprised if it were to come true, and that not many people would probably be too upset about it.

While 3D Touch was touted as a revolutionary new way of interacting with our iPhones, it never really quite caught on. Apple also didn’t seem to make too big of a deal of it at this year’s WWDC, which could be the company’s way of acknowledging its lack of popularity. There were talks about how Android OEMs were also looking to emulate the feature, but to date there aren’t many that actually went through with it.

It is not mentioned if this could be eventually extended to the Apple Watch which also uses a 3D Touch-like feature (it was the first Apple device to sport the feature). In any case it might be too early to tell what Apple’s plans are for 2019, but if the rumors are true and that the 2019 iPhone could drop 3D Touch, would you miss the feature?

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