When it comes to smartphones, the difference in price between the models with more memory tend to be rather expensive. Take for example the iPhone X in which the price jump from 64GB to 256GB is $150, when in reality if the iPhone had supported microSD cards, that cost would be considerably lower.

The same can be said for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in which the 512GB model is priced about $200 more than the 128GB model, but surprisingly it seems that customers are more than happy to pay for more storage. This is according to SK Telecom, Korea’s largest carrier, in which they claim that the 512GB model is outselling the 128GB model in terms of pre-orders.

The Note 9 already features support for microSD cards which means that users can buy a microSD card to expand the memory, but we suppose native storage is better because it can be accessed faster, which could explain its appeal. In addition to the 512GB model outselling the 128GB model, a recent report also revealed that the Note 9 has managed to surpass the Galaxy S9 in terms of pre-orders.

That being said, the Note 9 is expected to be released in the coming days, but which model do you guys think you will get? Would you be willing to pay more for the 512GB model, or would you rather save a bit of money and go for the 128GB model?

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