Just like Apple, whenever Samsung would launch a new flagship phone, it was almost a given that it would be a resounding success. However just like Apple, in the recent times Samsung hasn’t had the same levels of success, where reports claim that sales of the Galaxy S9 were at its lowest the company has seen since the Galaxy S3.

There were even reports that pre-orders were below expectations. However it turns out that the Galaxy Note 9 is telling a very different story because according to a report out of Korea, it appears that the Note 9 is experiencing pre-order levels that are above that of the Galaxy S9, at least as far as South Korea is concerned.

According to The Investor’s source from a local carrier, it would appear that the Note 9 is experience pre-orders 30-50% higher than that of the Galaxy S9, although despite that it has yet to hit the same levels as its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 8, although apparently it’s not that far behind as it is said to be at 80% of the Note 8’s levels.

One of the reasons why the Galaxy S9 was not as hot as Samsung would have liked is because many feel that it is not that big of a change compared to its predecessor, meaning that it gave customers less reasons to make the upgrade.

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