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Samsung’s Night Mode Feature Is Rolling Out To Galaxy Note 9 Owners
One of the features of the Google Pixel 3 is its Night Sight mode, which for those unfamiliar is a camera mode that when activated, will be able to take some pretty stunning low-light photos, the likes of which were previously not available on smartphones. This resulted in many other companies following suit with their own mode, like Samsung’s Bright Night.

How To Remap Samsung's Bixby Button (Official Method)Editor's Pick
Samsung is finally letting users remap the Bixby button (aka Bixby Key) to launch other applications. We explain how to set it up, and even update Bixby if needed in easy steps.

T-Mobile’s Caller Verification Will Help Fight Against Spam Calls
note 9There seems to be an increase in spam calls these days, where many people are reporting that they are seeing an increase in the number of calls that they are receiving from strange numbers from a variety of countries. Given that these numbers are constantly changing, it makes it rather difficult to block them.

Android 9.0 Pie For Galaxy Note 9 Rolling Out Now
If you’re a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 owner who might have been feeling a little bummed that there was no Android Pie update for you in 2018, not to worry because it looks like Samsung is pretty eager at kickstarting 2019 with some good news. According to reports, it appears that the stable version of Android 9.0 Pie is being rolled out to Galaxy Note 9 owners starting in Germany.


Samsung Makes White Galaxy Note 9 Available Outside Taiwan
It has been a couple of years since Samsung offered a white color option for the Galaxy Note series. The company launched the First Snow White color for the Galaxy Note 9 only a couple of weeks ago. It was initially only available in Taiwan and it didn’t say if this color would be released in other markets. Samsung today revealed that yes, it will be available outside Taiwan as […]

Samsung Working On Fix For Galaxy Note 9’s Freezing Camera
If you own the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and you’re encountering freezing issues with the camera app, you’re not alone as previously Note 9 owners have been reporting the problem as well. The good news is that it looks like Samsung is aware of the problem and is working on a fix for it.

iPhone XR VS Samsung Galaxy Note 9 In Speed Test
A couple of months ago, we saw a speed test that compared the iPhone Xs Max against the Galaxy Note 9. For those who haven’t seen it, the iPhone Xs Max pretty much blew the Note 9 out of the water largely thanks to its A12 Bionic processor, and also an upgrade in RAM in which it seemed to play a role in its victory.

iPhone Xs Max VS Note 9 VS Pixel 3 XL VS Xperia XZ3 In Battery Test
The other day the folks at PhoneBuff ran a battery test that compared the iPhone Xs Max against the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. On paper the Note 9 had a larger battery which is why it wasn’t surprising that in their test, they found that the Note 9 managed to trounce the iPhone Xs Max in terms of battery life.

iPhone XS Max VS Galaxy Note 9 In Battery Test
Battery life on Apple’s iPhones have never really been known to be particularly good. While they’re far from terrible, Apple’s iPhones aren’t known to have long-lasting battery life, and if you were hoping the iPhone Xs Max would prove the exception, it doesn’t really seem that way, especially in the video above.

Galaxy Note 9 Finally Available To U.S. Customers In Midnight Black
Samsung often limits the color options available at launch for its flagship smartphones and it was no different for the Galaxy Note 9. The company’s latest phablet was only available in Lavender Purple and Ocean Blue at launch in the United States. Midnight Black wasn’t offered but Samsung has now confirmed that it will soon be available to customers in the country. It has also introduced a new color for […]

New Test Confirms How Fast Apple’s New iPhone Xs Max Is
The other day a video compared the speed of Apple’s new iPhone Xs Max against that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, in which it was clear that the victor was Apple’s new iPhone. Now a new speed test has surfaced, this time by the folks over at PhoneBuff in which it seems to confirm the results of the earlier test.

iPhone Xs Max VS Samsung Galaxy Note 9 In Speed Test
With Apple’s new iPhones, Apple introduced the A12 Bionic chipset and also bumped the RAM from 3GB to 4GB. So the question is, with the new hardware how does the iPhone Xs Max fare against the likes of 2018’s flagship smartphones from the competition? As it turns out it can more than handle its own.

Samsung Provides Fix For Accidental Bixby Key Presses On Galaxy Note 9
The dedicated Bixby key has been a constant on Samsung’s flagship smartphones since the Galaxy S8 and it won’t be going away any time soon. There have been settings and options that could be used to disable Bixby on these devices but one of those options was removed from the Galaxy Note 9. This made it impossible to fully disable Bixby on the device so that accidental presses didn’t bring […]

Woman Sues Samsung Over Exploding Galaxy Note 9
Diane Chung, a real estate agent based in Long Island, has filed a lawsuit against Samsung claiming that her Galaxy Note 9 caught fire. The ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 damaged Samsung’s reputation quite a bit due to its battery defect that resulted in the product being discontinued merely weeks after it was released. Chung claims in her lawsuit that something similar has happened with the Galaxy Note 9.

Silver Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Variant Leaked
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is available in several different color options, but in case you wanted yet another color option to choose from, then you might be interested to learn that a render posted onto Slashleaks seems to suggest that a new silver variant of the phone could be in the works.

Samsung May Let You Disable Bixby Key On Galaxy Note 9
The Bixby key is present on all Samsung flagship smartphones since the Galaxy S8 came out in 2017. The button summons Samsung’s digital assistant and can’t be remapped to do anything else if you don’t use Bixby. While it was previously possible to completely disable Bixby on the device so that a button press wouldn’t achieve anything, that hasn’t been possible on the Galaxy Note 9. However, it seems like […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ReviewEditor's Pick
Like clockwork, Samsung releases its Galaxy Note 9 to push the envelope of the whole Galaxy Series 9 for the remainder of 2018. The Galaxy Note continues to be the company’s technologically leading smartphone with an emphasis on things that require more power and battery: productivity, creativity, multimedia and even games/VR.

iPhone X VS Galaxy Note 9 In Speed Test
When it comes to comparing phones against each other, it’s hard to leave Apple’s iPhones out of the equation. This is because many often rightfully wonder how Apple’s expensive iPhones hold up against more affordable Android options. For those wondering about the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and how it fares against the iPhone X, wonder no more.

Verizon Launches BOGO Deal For Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 does not come cheap and seems to be part of today’s flagship phones which are priced at the $1,000 mark. This means that if you were hoping to get more than one unit, maybe one for yourself and the other for your friend or partner, it’s going to cost a pretty penny.

512GB Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Reportedly Outselling The 128GB Model
When it comes to smartphones, the difference in price between the models with more memory tend to be rather expensive. Take for example the iPhone X in which the price jump from 64GB to 256GB is $150, when in reality if the iPhone had supported microSD cards, that cost would be considerably lower.