Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Now Available For $120

One of the rumors leading up to the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was that Samsung could have a new wireless charger in the works for the phone and other Samsung devices. The Note 9 has since been launched and if you’re interested in the wireless charger as well, it looks like you will be able to get your hands on it as well.

Samsung Wants Users To Know That The Galaxy Note 9’s Batteries Are Safe

It has been about two years since Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 which ended in disaster for the company, which for those unfamiliar was due to the fact that the Note 7 was shipped out with batteries that were prone to exploding due to certain factors. Samsung has since moved on and have successfully launched multiple flagships since.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Pre-Orders Are Now Open

We’re sure that many were pretty impressed with what Samsung had in store for us when they officially announced the Galaxy Note 9. If it was good enough to impress you to the point where you would buy it, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the handset is now available for pre-order from carriers or directly through Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Supports Netflix’s HD & HDR

In our hands-on review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, we pointed out how like Samsung other flagship phones in the past, the Note 9 is packing a beautiful display. The good news for those who are eyeing the handset is that it looks like watching Netflix on it will be a fantastic experience, namely because of how Netflix can be watched in HD and HDR on the handset.


Sprint Galaxy Note 9 Pre-Order Incentives Leaked

Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Note 9 at an event in New York City. The leaks keep on coming, though. The latest reveals the Sprint Galaxy Note 9 pre-order incentives. Samsung and its partners routinely offer incentives to customers who pre-order its latest flagship devices so it’s not a surprise to see that they’re doing this for the Galaxy Note 9 as well.

Galaxy Note 9 Review: Hands-On  Editor's Pick

Like clockwork, Samsung releases its Galaxy Note 9 to push the envelope of the whole Galaxy Series 9 for the remainder of 2018. The Galaxy Note continues to be the company’s technologically leading smartphone with an emphasis on things that require more power and battery: productivity, creativity, multimedia and even games/VR.

Blue Galaxy Note 9 Live Image Leaked

There has been absolutely no shortage of Galaxy Note 9 leaks and even though the official event is due to take place tomorrow, it appears that we’ll continue to see more right up till the launch day. A new live image has surfaced online from China today which shows off the Galaxy Note 9 in blue.

Epic Games May Release Fortnite On Samsung’s Galaxy Apps Store

Fornite for Android is expected to arrive soon and if reports are any indication, the title will be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 9 at launch. The new Samsung flagship may have a 30-day exclusive but it turns out that other Samsung devices will then get the title exclusively for up to 90 days. What this means that non-Samsung Android smartphone owners may have to wait until December this year […]

Verizon Could Offer BOGO Deal For Galaxy Note 9 Pre-Orders

If you’re thinking of getting the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you might be interested in getting it from Verizon if you want a good deal. This is because according to a leak from My Verizon app, it appears that the carrier could be getting ready to launch a BOGO deal for the Note 9 if you were to pre-order it.

New Images Confirm Galaxy Note 9’s Upgraded S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be officially announced on the 9th of August which is just a couple of days away. However it seems that when the announcement does come around, there will be little to no surprise left because thanks to a new series of images obtained by, more details about the S Pen have been revealed.

Fortnite For Android Could Be A Temporary Samsung Exclusive

When Fortnite for iOS launched, the game was basically made available via the App Store and that was the end of it. However for Android it’s starting to turn out to be a little more complex than we thought. Not only has Epic confirmed that Fortnite will be launched outside of the Google Play Store, but now there are signs that it could be a temporary Samsung exclusive.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Official Intro Video Leaked  Editor's Pick

They say that when it rains, it pours, and that’s certainly a leak that Samsung will have problems plugging because not only did the company reveal the Galaxy Note 9 on its website, but it seems that the company accidentally published the intro video for the upcoming handset as well.

Alleged Retail Box For Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Leaked

We’ve been hearing a lot about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for a while now, but for the most part they have been rumors which are obviously best taken with a grain of salt. However it seems that some of those rumors can now be semi-confirmed as over in Russia, a photo has surfaced that is allegedly that of the retail box for the upcoming handset.

Whoops, Samsung Just Leaked The Galaxy Note 9 On Its Website

It seems that whoever is in charge of operating and maintaining Samsung’s websites needs a good talking to because in a post by leakster Evan Blass, it looks like Samsung might have accidentally leaked the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 on its website where we get to see the handset in almost its entirety.