Speakers built into laptops, TVs, monitors, and all-in-one desktops aren’t usually the best-sounding speakers. However for the most part, Apple has done a decent job at making them sound better than you would expect, and now it looks like the company is exploring more ideas.

According to a recently discovered patent, it seems that Apple is exploring the idea of potentially fitting a subwoofer into an iMac or into Apple displays. There are advantages to such a design, namely it would allow for iMacs to sound more “full”, but there is also a secondary advantage and that is the air generated by the subwoofers could also be used to cool the power supply of the computer at the same time.

It could also be used as a secondary cooler for the computer, where the patent describes how inaudible signals could be sent to the speaker to enhance the airflow. It is an interesting idea although given that it is a patent, there’s really no telling if Apple has plans on making it a reality. That being said, Apple’s iMacs are due for a refresh in terms of design.

Apple has largely kept the design of the iMac similar for the past few years, and many are wondering what could be next. Apple is also expected to introduce a refresh later this year, but whether or not this patent will find its way into the computer remains to be seen.

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