A lot of companies rely heavily on ARM and their chips. This is because for the most part, a lot of companies use ARM’s architecture for their chips that can be found in plenty of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. In fact earlier this year, companies such as Lenovo launched laptops that are powered by ARM-based chips.

Let us not forget that Apple themselves are rumored to potentially make the shift to ARM-based Mac computers in the future. However there is the question of whether or not ARM chips can offer up the same levels of performance compared to Intel, and apparently ARM thinks that they can in a recently published roadmap for future CPUs.

According to the company, they promise that they will be capable of boosting performance by more than 15% each year between now and 2020, where they think that they will be able to outperform Intel by then. Of course this is assuming that companies such as Intel sit by idly and not do anything, but if ARM can get on Intel’s level, then in the future more ARM-based computers might be feasible.

Like we said rumors of Apple making the jump have been making their rounds, and if this roadmap can be successfully achieved, that future might not be too far off.

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