Chrome, one of the most widely used web browsers on the planet, has received an update for Windows this week. The update brings support for the native notification center in Windows 10. Google has actually been testing out support for Windows 10 notifications for Chrome over a few months now and it has finally rolled out this feature which will certainly make life easier for Chrome users on Windows 10.


What this means is that Chrome notifications will now automatically be displayed inside the notification center of the operating system which is actually called Windows 10 Action Center. Chrome will no longer display its own notifications like it does on older versions of the operating system.

This is a change from before when Chrome had its own notifications. They will remain present on older versions of Windows that don’t have a notification center. This new feature has already been rolled out by Google to a vast majority of users on Chrome 68.

It’s only a matter of days now before all Chrome users on Windows 10 have this feature. The notifications from the browser will also play nice with Windows 10’s Focus Assist feature which lets users mute notifications when they’re in the do not disturb mode or doing something that demands their undivided attention, such as playing Fortnite.

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