Getting into any kind of hobby definitely comes with a learn curve, but how steep of a curve depends on the hobby in question. When it comes to cars, it can get rather tricky especially if you’re unfamiliar with how a car works and all the parts that are involved, and we imagine that trying to shop for spare parts can be intimidating.

However eBay is here to help with that where they are now launching a new feature that lets users shop by diagram. This means that as long as you know the model of the vehicle you’re trying to fix/mod, you will be able to find parts based on its schematics. According to eBay, as it stands about 49% of its customers end up buying the wrong parts, but hopefully with this new feature it should reduce the error rate by a considerable margin.

According to Jay Hanson, COO and Vice President of eBay Americas, “More than half of all US adults have tackled some sort of auto repair by themselves, and not knowing exactly which part they need can be one of the biggest obstacles to online parts shopping. The new features we’re rolling out today eliminate the guesswork by helping people find and buy the specific part they need — even if they don’t know exactly what it is.”

Whether or not this will be useful remains to be seen, but if you’re a budding car/truck/motorbike enthusiast looking to do their own repairs or modifications, head on over to eBay’s website to take the new feature for a spin.

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