Epic Games has confirmed a key development which will influence the experience for Fortnite players on the PlayStation 4. In its latest State of Development update, the developer of this popular battle royale title has confirmed that players who use a keyboard and mouse on the PlayStation 4 will be paired with PC players that are also using a keyboard and mouse to play the game.


Fortnite doesn’t support input-based matchmaking as yet but when it does get supported, the rule will apply to the entire party. What this means is that if one player in the group is using a keyboard and mouse on the console, the whole party will be matchmade against players with a keyboard and mouse on the PlayStation 4 or PC.

This doesn’t apply to the Xbox One right now because the console doesn’t have official support for keyboard and mouse controls. Microsoft is expected to deliver this support with the regular fall update for the Xbox One.

What Epic’s announcement didn’t address was PC players using a gamepad being matched with gamepad users on other platforms. It only mentioned that custom controls will likely be supported by the end of this year so that players can remap a gamepad as per their preferences.

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