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If the rumors are true, Fujifilm is expected to announce the X-T3 mirrorless camera very soon because last we heard, it was supposed to begin shipping out to customers by the end of September. That being said, we must be getting close because the ever-reliable Nokishita Camera has managed to get their hands on what appears to be photos of the X-T3.

Now upon first glance, the X-T3 actually looks a lot like the X-T2 in terms of design. The dials for exposure, shutter speed, and ISO all remain the same, and the threaded shutter release button is still present. For those who might have been hoping for a slightly larger grip similar to that of the X-H1, it appears that won’t be the case, although Fuji Rumors does note that it will be bigger, although it’s a bit hard to tell from the photos.

What this means is that the changes made to the X-T3 over the X-T2 will be under the hood. Whether or not these changes are worth upgrading from the X-T2 remains to be seen as we’ll have to wait for all the official details. However if you are still hanging on to the X-T1, or maybe one of the lower-end X-series of cameras, then this will definitely be worth checking out.

Interesting enough we have also heard rumors that the X-T3 could actually be priced less than the X-T2, so if the X-T2’s price put you off, hopefully the X-T3 will be a bit more friendly to our wallets.

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