Image credit – Android Police

Just like SMS, email has come a long way where instead they are now threaded. This means that instead of seeing emails and their replies as separate “pages”, they are all shown in one long consolidated thread which will help users gain some context as to what the other person is talking about.

However there might be times when you delete (whether it be purposeful or accidental) an email in the thread, but if you’re a Gmail user, it seems that this will no longer be an issue. According to Android Police, Gmail for Android will now notify users if there is a deleted message in the current email thread that they are viewing, as you can see in the screenshot above.

It will also give users the option to view the deleted message for context purposes. This isn’t exactly a new feature per se as a similar feature already exists in Gmail for the web/desktop, so basically Google is just bringing some of its desktop features to Android which we guess we can’t really complain about.

The update to Gmail is said to have already started rolling out to users already, so if you don’t see it not to worry as there is a chance it could be a staggered release. In the meantime users can grab the latest version of Gmail from the Google Play Store.

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