As far as anime characters are concerned, it’s safe to say that Dragon Ball’s Son Goku is probably one of the more recognized characters in anime history thus far. Now given that Dragon Ball’s popularity doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon, there are some who no doubt think that it’s a great idea if Goku were to appear in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

In fact recently it was spotted on IMDB that Goku was listed as a character with voice actor Sean Schemmel attached to voice the English version of the character. Now Schemmel has done a lot of voice acting for Goku in the past, so to see his name listed made sense, although the bad news is that it turns out that this might not be true.

Responding on Twitter regarding his name being listed on IMDB, Schemmel confirmed that he has not been approached by Nintendo or anyone else to voice Goku in the game. Apart from Schemmel’s resume, it is easy to see why this might be believable. This is because Bandai Namco is said to helping Nintendo with development of the game, which could mean that maybe as part of the deal, Goku could be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

That being said, it is more likely that the listing was made in error (or someone trying to spread rumors), but an alternate possibility would be that maybe Nintendo decided to go with someone else. Either way until Nintendo or Bandai Namco announces something, take it with a grain of salt.

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