Google Go is the company’s official search app that’s optimized for users in emerging markets. It’s a lightweight app that requires less data and storage so it’s perfect for users with affordable Android smartphones. Google has now updated this app and added the ability to read websites out loud.


Google announced the availability of this feature in the Google Go app at an event in India. The feature is capable of reading web pages in 28 different languages using a voice that sounds quite natural. The feature is lightweight enough that it can work on a 2G connection as well.

The company explains that this feature is powered by AI that determines what the most important parts of a web page are and only reads those sections while leaving out the fluff. For example, if it’s a cooking blog, the app will directly start reading out the recipe instead of going through the filler content first.

The browser will display what’s being read out loud by highlighting each word as it’s being read so that users can keep track. This can also serve as a useful tool for those who are learning another language.

Google says that it would like to bring this functionality to more of its products down the line.

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