#IFA 18 – Years ago, the idea of coming home and turning on the lights and adjusting the thermostat using nothing but our voice seemed like something right out of a movie. However that future is here and we’re starting to see more companies hop on board the smart home bandwagon, with Lenovo being the latest to toss their hat into the ring with the launch of their Smart Home Essentials.


The Smart Home Essentials isn’t just one product, but rather a family of products which are designed to give users the ability to easily turn their homes into smart homes. This includes the Lenovo Smart Plug which users can connect existing appliances to, where users can then remotely turn it on or off.

There will also be the Lenovo Smart Bulb, which as the name implies will give users the ability to remotely control their lights that the bulb has been installed in. This includes dimming the lights as well as adjust the light’s color temperature to create a cozy environment, or one that is suited to reading/working.

Then there is also the Lenovo Smart Camera that users can use as a home security camera. It will not only be able to record video, but audio as well. All of these devices can be connected via the Lenovo Link app to control them, and they will also work with the Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant or Alexa.

Lenovo is expected to launch the Smart Home Essentials this coming November where the Smart Plug will be priced at $30, the Smart Bulb will retail for $30 each, while the Smart Camera will go for $100.

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