With Sony seeing considerable success with the PlayStation VR, many have asked Microsoft if it’s going to launch a virtual reality headset for the Xbox. Mike Nichols, the company’s chief marketing officer for gaming, said in June this year that Microsoft has no plans to launch a VR headset for the Xbox in the near future. A new report reveals that Microsoft had been working on one but decided to shelve the project as it waits for better technology.

CNET reports that Microsoft did have a virtual reality headset for the Xbox in development but it decided to put the project on ice until better technology is available.

Microsoft had reportedly been reaching out to developers over the past couple of years who may have been interested in developing games for the headset. The report doesn’t mention the specs of this headset but says that the screen quality was good but not at par with the likes of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The company is believed to be waiting for better wireless technology that’s more cost effective to be available. This means that it’s not entirely sold on the idea of making customers buy wireless adapters or put up with clunky headsets that require multiple wires if they don’t want to pay extra.

Microsoft hasn’t commented on the report and has given no further statement about its plans for virtual reality on the Xbox.

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