Come 23rd of August, Nikon will be officially unveiling their new mirrorless camera. Not much is known about the camera save for rumors, but the company has been slowly teasing its reveal. Now Nikon is back with yet another teaser that has been simply titled “Mount”, leading to speculation that the upcoming camera could be utilizing a new lens mount.

For those who have been following the rumors of the Nikon mirrorless camera, one of the rumored features is that Nikon could introduce a new Z-mount for the camera. While Nikon does not come outright and say it, the whole focus of the video seems to about the current F-mount and the evolution over the years, which Nikon seems to hint could be due for a change.

The description of the video even reads, “Ever since the Nikon F film camera, generations of Nikon cameras have been built around the F mount. Building on that technology and DNA, we’re now aiming for new heights.” In any case this is something that we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves, but for those who are hoping that Nikon will have something that will finally prove to be a true competitor to Sony in the mirrorless field, all this build up seems to be leading to that possibility.

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