Nintendo first announced the Switch (when it was known as the NX), it was expected to be launched in 2016 but it was later delayed to 2017. One of the rumored reasons of the delay was that Nintendo was apparently looking into virtual reality (VR) integration. Nintendo confirmed that they are looking into VR, but it seemed like the company was merely looking into it, as opposed to integrating it into the console.


Safe to say that this kind of turned out to be true because ever since the Switch launched, there has been no mention of VR since. However in a post on Twitter, user @OatmealDome discovered a services documentation in which there appears to be mention of VR. User @random666_kys then put it to the test in which he successfully managed to call up a hidden menu that shows off VR settings for the console.

Judging by the video, it appears that the Switch itself is supposed to be the device that powers the VR experience as it splits the display into two, which is how most VR experiences work. Now we have no way of confirming whether or not this hidden menu is true, but if it is then it is an amazing discovery.

That being said, an alternate theory is that Nintendo could have simply been testing out VR on the Switch and left some files and code on the console and forgot to remove it. Nintendo has expressed in the past that while VR is interesting, they don’t believe that it is ready for mainstream yet, so whether this hidden menu is simply leftover code or a hint to the future is really anyone’s guess, but maybe don’t get your hopes up just yet.

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