Unless you have the money to hire an actual “tutor” to teach you how to improve your skills in a game, chances are a lot of times it boils down to trial and error, doing plenty of research in the forums, watching videos, and endless hours of practice. While the mantra of practice makes perfect still holds true, perhaps AI could help speed up the learning process.

A company by the name of Visor has recently unveiled its real-time in-game AI coaching system for Blizzard’s Overwatch. Instead of watching replays and trying to figure out where you went wrong, Visor’s system will actually provide real-time feedback as you play. The AI will study your actions and what’s going on in the game to figure out what’s happening, and what you need to do.

For example in the video above, it will prompt users to take action on certain things, such as helping out their healers. It also reminds users that they have been holding onto their ultimate abilities and that maybe it’s time to use them instead of trying to “save” them (which many players are guilty of doing).

It will be self-adapting meaning that based on the game and how other players play, it will provide insights and advice accordingly. Whether or not such a system will be useful remains to be seen, but for those who are interested, you can check out the open beta and take the AI for a spin to see for yourselves.

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