If you rely on the Project Fi text forwarding feature often then you will not be happy to hear that Google has decided to axe it. For those who are unaware, Project Fi is Google’s virtual mobile network and the text forwarding feature will no longer be available to those who are subscribed to this network. It was mentioned previously that this feature would soon be removed.

Google has informed Project Fi users that “Text forwarding is going away” through an email. They could previously have any text messages sent to their Project Fi number automatically go to numbers set for text forwarding.

This will no longer be possible after September 12th, 2018. Google says that texts will not be automatically forwarded anymore. This change doesn’t affect call forwarding which will continue to function as expected.

This feature was particularly useful for those who have multiple smartphones and don’t always carry their Project Fi device with them. They could tend to the messages on other devices as long as text forwarding was enabled. That is not going to be possible post-September 12th.

Project Fi users can now put the Hangouts integration to good use as it enables them to receive text messages on devices other than their main device.

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