Project Fi, Google’s virtual mobile network, has been around for three years but it’s truly being expanded today. The company today announced that it’s rebranding the service to Google Fi. It has also added support for iPhones and more Android devices from different OEMs. This is the first time that Fi will properly support iOS devices.

It was possible to get a data-only SIM for iPads before and a workaround could be used to get a Project Fi SIM to run on an iPhone. With Google officially supporting the platform now, it’s going to be much easier for iPhone owners to get in on the Fi action.

The company said today that Project Fi is now available on more phones and that it will work “with the majority of Android devices and iPhones.” The many Android devices that receive support come from the likes of Samsung, Moto, LG, and OnePlus. Support for the iPhones is in beta right now.

Since this is the first time that iPhone owner will be going through the setup process for Google Fi, they will be required to make a few extra steps to get set up using the Google Fi iOS app. The process will largely remain the same for Android devices.

Google Fi offers a variety of features such as easy group plans, high speed international data coverage for the same rates that subscribers pay at home, no hidden fees with reliable coverage to top it all off.

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