Our smartphones are becoming increasingly better at capturing videos these days, where with certain high-end flagship smartphone models, we can capture high-resolution videos at a buttery smooth 60 fps. However the only downside is that for the most part, the microphones on our smartphones do feel a bit lacking, at least compared to dedicated microphones.

If you are looking for an external microphone for use with your smartphone, then you might be interested to learn that Sennheiser has recently taken the wraps off the Memory Mic. This is a wireless Bluetooth microphone designed for smartphones. The fact that it is wireless also makes it easier for you to attach to objects and people without having to worry about wires and cables getting in the way.

It also means that even if your smartphone is out of range, it will continue to capture audio and will sync up once you are back in range. As for the design of the microphone, according to Sennheiser the Memory Mic will feature a condenser capsule with an omni-directional pickup pattern, making it resistant to wind noise and if the speaker changes angle or distance. Users will be able to control the sensitivity and other settings of the microphone on the accompanying smartphone app.

It is also good for up to four hours of recording, where it will take an additional 2 hours to charge it back up, or if you’re in a rush, charging for an hour will take it up to 70% battery. If this sounds like something you can get on board with, the Sennheiser Memory Mic is priced at $200 and available via Sennheiser’s website.

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