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Virtual reality (VR) can be used for entertainment, but at the same time it can also be used for educational purposes. A good example would be over in Japan where high school students have produced a 5 minute VR experience that is meant to recreate the sights and sounds of what it was like when Hiroshima was bombed.

Now it is safe to say that no one wants a repeat of what happened at Hiroshima, plus given today’s weapons, we imagine that the fallout would be considerably worse. The idea behind this VR experience is to give people an idea of what it might have been like if you were there in hopes that it would discourage people from ever repeating what happened.

This was done by studying old photographs, postcards, and also interviews with survivors who gave their experience and feedback. According to one of the students who worked on the project, Mei Okada, “Even without language, once you see the images, you understand. That is definitely one of the merits of this VR experience.” One of the students who prior to this wasn’t that interested in what happened in the past, but as he worked on it, his views changed.

Yuhi Nakagawa, 18, said, “When I was creating the buildings before the atomic bomb fell and after, I saw many photos of buildings that were gone. I really felt how scary atomic bombs can be. So while creating this scenery, I felt it was really important to share this with others.”

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