Earlier this year, T-Mobile and Sprint’s plans for a merger were officially announced. Whether or not this merger will actually go through remains to be seen, but there are some concerns as to what this merger could mean for those who are on other networks such as Boost, MetroPCS, and Virgin.


For those unfamiliar, Boost, MetroPCS, and Virgin are smaller carriers that are under T-Mobile and Sprint, which is why there are some concerns as to what will happen to them should both companies merge. However according to T-Mobile, they have promised the FCC (via Fierce Wireless) that these brands will continue to remain even after the merger.

According to T-Mobile, “In response to a question, the executives stated that New T-Mobile will retain T-Mobile’s and Sprint’s current prepaid brands as they target different types of customers. Moreover, since New T-Mobile will be incentivized to fill its expansive capacity, it will offer attractive plans to MVNOs.”

Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that by promising this, the merger will be allowed to go through. However as Fierce Wireless points out, this is just one of the areas of consideration that regulators will look at when deciding if the merger will be allowed to take place. However we suppose at the same time customers on those carriers can also rest assured that nothing will change.

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