We have seen multiple instances in the past where guilds have attempted to be the first in the world to complete a raid of an MMORPG whenever it is released. Are there rewards for being the first? There are bragging rights, achievements, and maybe titles that can be earned, but that’s pretty much it.


However Bungie is hoping to change that as the company has announced that they will be giving away a real-world reward for those who are the first to complete one of Destiny’s upcoming raids. This reward will come in the form of a championship belt that you can see in the image above.

According to Bungie, “The race for World First is coming up soon. The field just got a little more competitive, with our new friends from Korea joining us on the starting line. This time, there’s more than just bragging rights on the line. When ‘Last Wish’ becomes available, the first fireteam of six to complete the raid will have the opportunity to acquire real-world trophies for each teammate, commemorating their accomplishments.”

We’re not sure if this will be a belt that will be given to every member of the raid, or if it will only go to the raid’s leader. However as Bungie notes, more details will be shared next week so gamers will want to tune in then to find out how they can earn it. No word on whether Bungie plans on making this a tradition, and as novel as it might sound, it’s actually not that bad of an idea.

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