Delta, one of the largest airlines in the United States, has today announced that it’s launching the first “biometric terminal” in the country. This terminal will enable the airline to use facial recognition at check in, security, and boarding inside the international terminal at the Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta. Similar systems are already being used at airports in Dubai and Australia.

Passengers who want to breeze through the terminal aided by facial recognition will have to visit a kiosk in the lobby and tap on “Look” or they can head to a camera at the ticket counter, TSA checkpoint or when they’re boarding the aircraft. They have to wait until the green check mark flashes on the screen which will be their cue to proceed.

Delta is also planning to let passengers use fingerprint scanning as well at this biometric terminal. Passengers will already be able to use this system instead of their passport to go through these checkpoints. However, they will be required to use their passports at other airports where this system is not available.

So we still have a ways to go before traveling without a passport can be a reality but this goes to show that the technology to allow this to happen does exist and will only be improved in the coming years.

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