When speaking with customer service, do you prefer chatting with them online via platforms like Facebook Messenger, or do you prefer calling? Or maybe there could be a third option which is going to a shop and talking to them face to face? For those who plan to fly Delta Airlines, you’ll be pleased to learn that the airlines will be testing out a new service.

The company has announced that they will be kicking off a pilot program in which customers will be able to video chat with Delta’s customer service reps at airports. These chats will allow customers to manage their flights, such as making changes to it and/or sharing feedback. According to Delta, this is a first for US airlines.

Charisse Evans, Vice President — Reservations Sales and Customer Care was quoted as saying, “More and more people are choosing video chat to connect in their everyday lives, so we wanted to bring that channel to Delta customers. We have the best specialists in the business — and now, they’ll be able to deliver customer solutions in an even more personal, face-to-face way.”

However like we said this is a pilot program which means that it has yet to fully roll out to all airports. As it stands it is currently only available at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, and presumably if it goes well we should see the program start to expand to other parts of the country.

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