Delta, one of the largest airlines in the country, has said that it plans to eventually offer free in-flight Wi-Fi on domestic flights. To that end, it’s testing out the service on select domestic routes starting later this month. The free in-flight Wi-Fi service will be available on 55 domestic flights per day starting Monday.

The reason for the initial test is to see whether the system can put up with the strain. The number of people that actually use Delta’s in-flight Wi-Fi service right now is quite low since it’s a paid service. Gogo, the company that provides this service to Delta, says that only 12 percent of passengers across its airline partners use the service.

That number would obviously see a significant jump once the service is offered for free. The initial test will run for two weeks across all cabins on select Delta routes. The test is not going to support content streaming but it will enable passengers to email, browse, shop, message, use social media apps, and more without any charge.

“Testing will be key to getting this highly complex program right – this takes a lot more creativity, investment and planning to bring to life than a simple flip of a switch,” said Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Director of Onboard Product for Delta.

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