Amid questions over its role in the last presidential elections in the United States, the world’s largest social network has reportedly decided to keep its distance from political candidates going forward. New reports reveal that Facebook has decided that it will no longer offer on-site support to political candidates’ campaigns.


Bloomberg and Reuters report that Facebook has decided to stop sending employees who used to provide on-site support for nominees like it did for President Trump’s campaign in 2016. Other companies like Twitter and Google used to send employees as well to provide on-site support as these campaigns tend to be some of their biggest advertisers during the election period.

The employees sent by these companies for free used to provide technical assistance and were there to ensure that the ads from these campaigns were approved to run on the platforms. They also provide training to the campaign staff on how to effectively use the platform’s ad tools. Facebook’s on-site support employees reportedly provided suggestions on how to write messages that would catch the attention of voters.

Facebook will obviously not want to lose the money that these campaigns spend on advertising. However, it will reportedly no longer send employees to provide the campaigns on-site support. Facebook will instead focus on improving its politics portal so that they can get better information that they need to effectively run their campaigns. They will also be able to contact Facebook directly to get basic training on using its ads platform and for assistance in getting their ads approved.

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