Samsung recently said that it’s planning to launch mid-range smartphones with new technologies and we are now starting to see the results of that strategy. Not long after the company unveiled its first smartphone with a triple camera system at the back, it’s gearing up to launch its first smartphone with four rear cameras. This device is going to be launched at an event on October 11th and will reportedly be called the Galaxy A9s.


There have been plenty of leaks about this device over the past couple of weeks. Samsung’s first quad-camera smartphone will be part of the company’s Galaxy A series of mid-range devices. It’s the first device from Samsung to come with this many camera sensors at the back.

It goes without saying that merely the number of sensors doesn’t guarantee exceptional camera performance. Just because a device has four cameras at the back doesn’t mean that it can blow other devices out of the water as far as the camera quality is concerned.

Reports suggest that the quad-camera system is made up of a 24 megapixel main sensor, a wide angle 8 megapixel sensor with 120 degree FOV in addition to a 10 megapixel and a separate 5 megapixel zoom sensor.

Samsung hasn’t revealed any details about this new device as yet but it has confirmed the October 11th event where the Galaxy A9s is now expected to be unveiled.

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