Dark mode is something that we’re starting to see more these days as options within apps and services. For example YouTube has a dark mode for both the desktop and mobile app, and now it looks like Google Chrome could soon be getting the same treatment. However the catch is that for now, it appears that dark mode for Chrome could be a macOS-only feature.


Spotted by the folks at XDA, it seems that the team behind Chrome are looking into introduce dark mode for macOS users. This is because of the latest macOS Mojave update in which it seems that Apple has introduced a dark mode feature that swaps the current system color palette to a dark scheme, which the team plans to take advantage of and implement it for Chrome.

Based on this, it sounds like the feature has yet to be implemented, but at the very least it is being worked on so Chrome users can expect to see it arrive at a later date. No word on whether or not the Windows version will get the same treatment, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the macOS version was a way for Google to test it out before rolling it out to more platforms.

There is also no word on when the feature will be available, so Chrome users will just have to remain patient. In the meantime for those who want a dark mode for Chrome, there are extensions that you could check out as an alternative.

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