Voice-based digital assistants still have a long way to go. While many of them seem to more or less function fine at the moment, improvements can obviously be made, such as being able to understand various accents from non-native English speakers, being able to understand natural language, and more.

While it might be a while before we get there, Google wants to try and help as much as possible and according to a report from 9to5Google, the company is hoping to do that by soliciting verbal feedback from its users who use Google Home. Basically after a command has been executed, Google Home will then prompt users for a verbal feedback to ask how satisfied they are with its performance.

Users will also be able to record and audio message which can then be sent to the Google Home team for more detailed explanations. It has been pointed out that the prompt for verbal feedback is infrequent, meaning that it won’t pop up everytime you ask it to do something, which makes sense because we can imagine how annoying that might be.

Of course exactly what Google plans to do with this feedback is unclear, but hopefully it will result in a better Google Home and Google Assistant experience in the future.

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