Doom speedrunner Zero Master has found the “last official secret” of Doom 2. It’s a sector that was previously inaccessible in the Industrial Zone map that was designed by John Romero. The confirmation of this discovery came from Romero himself. The embedded video shows the moment when Zero Master obtains the secret.


It’s not like this secret wasn’t already known but Zero Master appears to be the first player to get it without using any cheats. He explained on YouTube that “a secret can only be triggered if Doomguy’s center is within the secret area and if he is on the same height as the secret sector.”

Romero added that a player can’t enter this secret sector only by touching it normally, “so you would never get inside the teleporter sector to trigger the secret,” he said. It was thus considered impossible to get this secret which limited the maximum secrets percentage a player could get on the map to 90 percent.

Zero Master worked his way around this limitation by luring a Pain Elemental and then leveraging the knockback from its attack to push him into the secret. “This forces you down to the lowest floor the moving door is on, which puts you within the secret sector and on the same height, thus triggering the secret,” he explained.

The discovery of this method after 24 years means that Doom 2 speedrunners will now be able to access 100 percent of the map without using any cheats. Watch the video above from 2:30 to get the best idea of how to use this method.

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