When Apple launched the iPhone X last year with its OLED display, it wasn’t surprising to learn that the handset would only be available later than the other models presumably due to the use of OLED and also the TrueDepth camera components. However it was odd to hear that this year, the LCD iPhone might actually end up getting delayed.


In a new report from Bloomberg, Apple will be launching the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone this coming Wednesday where it could be called the iPhone Xr (we have heard rumors it might be called the iPhone 9). It also quotes Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall who suggests that the model could actually be delayed, but apparently not because of technical issues or production problems.

Instead Hall suggests that Apple could delay the launch of the LCD model in order to gauge demand for the newer and larger OLED iPhone, which will naturally be the more expensive model. Basically Apple is trying to see if anyone is willing to pay for the newer and larger iPhones, and if there are, they can get a better idea of how many of the LCD models they will need to manufacture.

Apple did find themselves with an overstocking problem back in the day of the iPhone 5c in which many reports revealed that Apple was sitting on a lot of unsold inventory. In fact back then Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had admitted that its share was lower than what Apple had expected. That being said, exactly how much of a delay we are looking at remains to be seen. We have heard that it could be pushed to October which isn’t too long of a wait.

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