As much as companies try, no system is impervious to hacks. Granted security has come a long way since back in the day, but if there is a will, there is a way. Now console hacks do seem less common than they do compared to earlier generations, but it is still possible and this is something Nintendo could be trying to get ahead of.


The company has recently posted a job listing for a senior software engineer and one of the qualifications that they are seeking is that the applicant should have hacking expertise. Presumably the company wants someone who has hacked before to share insights on the kind of flaws hackers might be seeking, and try to prevent those flaws from being exploited.

The job also calls for someone who is capable of conducting security reviews of existing software components and subsystems, analyze past security breaches and to understand vulnerabilities, and to also be able to disassemble or reverse engineer malicious binary images. It is unclear as to what Nintendo plans to do with such a position, but given that the Switch is the company’s latest platform, and also with the Switch online service launching soon, we’re guessing the company is trying to avoid potential hacks of its hardware and services.

If you think that you might be the right person for the job, head on over to Nintendo’s website for details on how to apply for the position.

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