It was confirmed in August that the full PUBG release for Xbox One will take place on September 4th. As expected, the title has made its exit from the Xbox Game Preview program and the full production version of PUBG is now available for the Xbox One as part of this latest update. The team’s efforts in the Xbox Game Preview in which it listened to the community to regularly update and improve the title have now borne fruit.

The version 1.0 update for PUBG brings the Sanhok map that’s smaller than previous maps and has all-new weapons and vehicles. It’s also the first time that dynamic weather changes will be available in the title on the Xbox One.

PUBG’s full release was expected to add War Mode as well, it’s a deathmatch-style battle royale gaming experience. Players are in a static zone and have to hunt each other. They respawn back in with a parachute and weapons if they’re killed. Teams get points with kills and reviving teammates.

War Mode is missing from PUBG’s latest update for the Xbox. It irks gamers as it had been implied that War Mode would be a part of this update. Custom Match is missing as well. PUBG Corp. says that it has staggered the release of War Mode and Custom Match “to let each contents have enough attention from players, so players won’t be divided having a long matchmaking time for each content.”

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