A lot of high-end gaming headsets we’ve seen offer up features such as virtual surround sound. Features like that typically help to enhance the gaming experience, and can be useful in helping pinpoint the direction that the enemy is coming from. However it seems that Razer wants to take things to the next level with its Razer Nari Ultimate gaming headset.


How do they plan to do this? While most headphones will focus on the things you hear, the Nari Ultimate will focus on what you feel. This is thanks to Razer’s HyperSense technology which uses haptics designed by Lofelt. Basically the idea is that it will let players “feel” their games, so in addition to audio cues, players will actually be able to feel physical cues as well.

We’re not sure how this is supposed to feel and whether or not it might be annoying over extended periods of time, but it is an interesting concept and we’ll have to wait see whether it takes. Other features of the Nari Ultimate include THX Spatial Audio, an auto-adjusting headphone, ear cushions that use cooling gel and also feature indented eyewear channels so that it will fit better for users who wear glasses.

As expected all these features don’t come cheap as the Razer Nari Ultimate will be priced at $200. There will be a cheaper version in the form of the Razer Nari that omits the haptic feedback feature, but retains everything else. That version will retail for $150.

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