It is safe to say that electric cars are the future as far as sustainability goes. For those looking for proof of that happening, it seems that Tesla’s Model 3 is a prime example of that because according to the numbers, it would seem that the Model 3 has managed to outsell BMW’s entire passenger car lineup for the month of August.

Note that this is just the Model 3 and we’re only talking about the month of August. This by no means indicates that Tesla has overtaken BMW, but it is a sign of how electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, despite the fact that most of them, especially Tesla’s lineup, does not come cheap compared to regular gas-powered cars.

Also the other caveat is that this is only in comparison to BMW’s passenger car lineup, and that if you include SUV sales, BMW is still in the lead. Breaking down the numbers more specifically, BMW sold 14,450 passenger cars in the US for the month of August, which is a 13.5% decrease from the same period last year.

Tesla on the other hand is said to have sold 20,450 Model 3s for August, although this number varies as different trackers have listed different numbers, but regardless it appears that whichever estimate is used, they do outnumber that of BMW.

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