Google is yet to announce a new Chromecast. It would be the third-generation of its HDMI dongle that allows users to access apps and stream content on TVs. Recent reports had suggested that a new Chromecast is in the pipeline and it turns out that Best Buy is already stocking this unannounced product.

The retailer does have a history of stocking products sometime before they’re actually announced and due to be released. That’s basically what has happened with the third-generation Chromecast as well.

This new Chromecast was certified by the FCC last month. The filing shows that it may feature Bluetooth and perhaps even better Wi-Fi reception. Google hasn’t officially announced it as yet but a Best Buy customer has already been able to purchase this unannounced Chromecast from his local store.

A user on Reddit went to Best Buy to purchase a Chromecast and noticed that the packaging and design was different from his first one. “I thought it was just a design refresh taking queues from the Chromecast Ultra. Then when I was at the cashier, they couldn’t scan the item because it wasn’t in the system yet because the release date is on the 9th of October (Same day as the 2018 Google event) but I guess they put it out too early,” he explained.

Since the price was the same as the second-generation Chromecast, the store allowed him to purchase it under the old SKU. The new Chromecast model has a matte finish which is different from the glossy plastic of its predecessor.

He wasn’t able to set it up, though, because the Google Home app asked to be updated first even though he already had the newest version installed. The updated app will be available only once this product is announced so even if someone buys it now, they won’t really be able to use it until Google officially announces the new Chromecast.

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