Apple loves to boast about what a privacy-minded company they are, and have taken jabs at others such as Facebook who have endured several privacy-related scandals over the years. In fact earlier this year to prove how transparent they are, Apple announced that they would be making your data available to you.

Basically this data contains all the information that Apple claims to have on you. This means that if you’re curious as to what kind of data Apple might have collected about you over the years of you using their products and services, all you’ll have to do is head to Apple’s privacy website, sign in, and then you should be able to find the option for you to download your data.

Now this feature won’t be available to all users just yet. It seems that those living in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, Iceland, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, and Switzerland will be able to access this feature, but we imagine that it should eventually be available to all, which means that everyone else will need to wait.

However if you’d rather not wait, you can head on over here where you can submit a request to Apple for your data. It’s slightly more long-winded and will have more steps involved, but it is an option if you can’t wait for the feature to make its way to you.

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