Apple has always touted themselves as being a company that values the privacy of its customers and users, going as far as taking jabs at Facebook during the social network’s data privacy scandal. However there is the question of can Apple back up their claims on how they value their users’ privacy?

The good news is that they can and have only recently launched a new privacy portal so that users will be able to download a copy of everything the company has and knows about them based on their usage of Apple’s products and/or services. Of course one could argue that maybe this isn’t completely everything, but if you’re willing to take it at face value, then it could be worth taking a look at.

The launching of Apple’s Data and Privacy site is in conjunction with the EU’s GDPR rules and as such, it is only available to those living in the EU along with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. We expect that Apple will eventually make it available to all of its users in the future, but if you from the EU or have an EU Apple account, then you can take a look at the information that Apple has collected on you thus far.

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