These days smart speakers and smart home devices such as smart bulbs seem to go hand in hand. However setting up the entire thing can prove to be an expensive process, but if you don’t mind using GE’s own smart solution, their C by GE bulbs, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the starter kit will actually come with a Google Home Mini bundled with it.

According to the announcement, this bundle will be priced at $55. It will come with a Google Home Mini and a C-Life bulb that have already been pre-paired, and this bundle will actually be priced cheaper than if customers were to buy it separately. This is true as the Home Mini retails for $49 by itself, which isn’t expensive by any means, but if you could save yourself some money, why not?

Not to mention the standalone C by GE bulbs are priced at $25 for a two-pack for the C-Life bulbs, so customers will actually save themselves a bit if they were to purchase the bundle. The bundling of Google Home Mini also serves as an announcement that the C by GE bulbs are compatible with Google Assistant, so setting up routines and controlling your bulbs using your voice (or the app) will be possible. More information about these bulbs or to shop for them can be found on GE’s website.

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