Yesterday in a post on Reddit, EA hinted that they are thinking of releasing Command & Conquer remasters to celebrate the franchise turning 25 years old. Now as a company, EA seems to really love their microtransactions and some were rightfully wondering if the remaster could feature microtransactions.

However according to Jim Vessella, a producer at EA, he confirmed that the remaster will not feature microtransactions. “We will not be adding any microtransactions to a C&C Remaster.” That being said, some have pointed out in the comments that microtransactions with regards to RTS games don’t really make sense, and we suppose that is true. Others have pointed out that microtransactions for skins and voicepacks do make sense as it doesn’t really affect gameplay, but it’s good to hear that EA won’t be doing that for the remaster.

Also note that EA has yet to confirm that they are working on a remaster. They have simply expressed their interest and based on the first post, are seeking some feedback from the community to see what they might think or if they have any ideas for a remaster. It might be a while before we actually see anything, although it will still be very much welcome for veteran PC gamers who probably grew up on such titles.

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