Netflix has released a new trailer for Daredevil season 3 and it brings some cues about the story of the upcoming season. Wilson Fisk, best known as the Kingpin, is back in the latest season. Fans would remember that he was put behind bars at the end of the first season. Clearly, he hasn’t had enough and will be returning to make life difficult for Daredevil.


It appears from the trailer that Fisk is released from prison at the very beginning of the season. He may say that he has changed after his time inside but Matt Murdock knows that’s not true. He vows to put him away for good this time. Fisk says he doesn’t have what it takes to do just that and Daredevil then sets out on a dangerous path to seek vengeance.

The trailer also has shots of a similarly masked figure committing some very wicked crimes. Fisk brands him as the true menace that the city faces. Murdock has no choice but to confront the person who appears to be using his identity as the Daredevil to commit crimes.

It’s believed that one of Daredevil’s main foes, Bullseye, will be behind the mask. The character was last seen in the 2003 movie. It’s clear that the new season is going to cover a lot of ground, story-wise. It will be available for streaming on Netflix come October 19th.

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