If you’re logged into your Google Account, the internet search giant will save a record of everything that you search for on Google.com. It doesn’t go away even if you clear your browser’s history. You had to go to the Google Account page and then delete the search history from the activity stream. It wasn’t easy and as clear as it should have been. The company is now fixing this by making it much easier to delete your Google search history.


All search history associated with a Google Account can now be deleted without having to leave the search engine. Users will be able to review and delete their recent Search activity and get access to the most relevant privacy controls within Search itself.

Quick access will now be provided to the privacy controls that are most relevant. Users will be able to control the ads they see when they search, for example, through Ad Settings. These changes have been rolled out today for Google.com on desktop and mobile web. The company says that its iOS and Android apps will be updated in the coming weeks with this as well.

The company adds that this will be expanded to Maps next year and that we can then expect it to be rolled out for many other Google products later.

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