Facebook is the world’s largest social network and as you can expect from a network of this scale, there are harassment and bullying issues that need to be addressed. Facebook continues to add new tools so that users can protect themselves from bad behavior online. It’s introducing a couple of new tools for this very purpose today.

Users now have more control over how other people interact with their posts on Facebook as comments can often be used to harass and bully users. People will now be able to hide or delete multiple comments at once from the options menu of their post.

This feature is now out on Android and the desktop, it will land on iOS in the coming months. Facebook says that it’s also testing ways to let users easily search for and block offensive words from showing up in the comments.

Users can now report someone being bullied or harassed on their behalf through the menu above the post that they’re concerned about. Once a post is reported it will be reviewed by Facebook’s Community Operations team which will determine whether it should be taken down.

It will be possible to appeal decisions on cases that involve bullying and harassment. If a post is reported and it’s not taken down after review, users will soon be able to ask for a second review if they believe that the team has made a mistake in allowing the post to remain online.

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