Given how ubiquitous Google’s services are, even if you use a Mac, Windows, Linux, or iOS device, chances are you probably have a Google account somewhere. With so many devices, it can sometimes be a bit hard to keep track of where you’re signed in, which is why Google had previously introduced a 2-Step Verification feature to help secure your accounts.


Now it looks like Google has made it easier to enable 2-Step Verification on all your devices by letting users enable the feature across all devices at once. For those who are unfamiliar with 2-Step Verification, this is similar to two-factor authentication where users can acknowledge if they are trying to log into their account, and at the same time kick out whoever is trying to access their account illegally.

Before this update, users who wanted to enable this feature on all their devices had to do so one by one, which isn’t a problem if it’s only one or two devices, but if you happen to have many, then these changes can probably be appreciated. According to Google, the changes should already be live so head on over to your Google account page if you’d like to set it up in case you haven’t done so already.

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