Google Photos lets users upload unlimited photos as long as they are kept under a certain megapixel count. However it should be noted that while photo upload and storage is unlimited, it has been discovered that Google’s Live Albums do come with a limit of 10,000 images per album.


It was initially not mentioned but users were soon discovering that the album had a limit placed on it. For those unfamiliar, Live Albums is where Google will use its AI to help sort photos for you, where if you select certain faces/people/objects, whenever you snap a photo of that object or person, it will automatically be sorted into Live Albums.

Now 10,000 photos is a lot and we’re not sure how many of us will be able to fill that anytime soon, but it should be noted that there is a limit because once the album is full, new photos will no longer be added to it, which means that sort it later on might get tricky and messy, depending on how often you take photos.

To get around this, Android Police suggests that should your album get full, just create a new one and enable the “Automatically add photos” option. We should also point out that this isn’t just limited to Live Albums but albums in general, as noted on Google’s support page.

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