If you’re trying to open up a new Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, you usually would have to go to the main Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides page and then create a new file. However Google is making it easier for everyone to create new files and documents with the creation of a new link, literally called “.new”.


According to Google, all users have to type is type the file they want to create, such as docs, sheets (or spreadsheets), slides (or presentations or decks), followed by .new and it will immediately create a new file. It seems that this “.new” link will support variations of the name, meaning that if “docs.new” is more comfortable than “doc.new” then it should still work. You can check out the variations supported by Google in the video below.

Note that if you’re someone who still types “www” in front of URLs, then this shortcut won’t work. Users are reporting that they are getting errors when typing “www” so leave it out. For those who’d rather not type all the type, then you can create bookmarks with the “.new” URL of your choice, which some users have done in the comments. It’s not exactly a groundbreaking feature but it is a convenience that we’re sure that many users can probably appreciate.

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